📜 Storyline
The SeaLion universe is an sci-fi post apocalyptic world at the bottom of the ocean, devastated by wars and ecological disasters. Earth's surface is now 96% water and the atmosphere is inhabitable, the deep dark ocean is where to live. As countries, cities and modern civilizations are gone, people formed tribes to keep thriving. You're a survivor and your mission is to build the tribe for a better world. @everyone
We aim to become the most exciting Web3 company, thus our ecosystem is covered in an interactive novel format where readers completes quests and missions while progressing in the adventure. We are fuelled by the community's suggestions and ideas!
📕 SeaLion Project Overview
SeaLion is the first step to build Web3 Craft, the marketing agency launchpad initiating brands to Web3 coming into beta in Q1 of 2023. Your chance of exclusive privileges is now through the SeaLion NFT collection and the next collection at the beta launch. The barrier of entry to the NFT space is high for many due to the knowledge requirements, hence we're preparing quality tutorials, courses and guides for the new and seasoned investors of Web3.
🎯 Our 3 Core Focus
  • Original high-value content covering many areas of Web3
  • Marketing services and launchpad for startups and brands
  • Innovating Web3 products for investors
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