SeaLion Whitepaper

🎯 Roadmap

This roadmap is for reference.
We are an agile team, please expect flexibility into pivoting and reprioritizing based on the market forces and community feedback.
More instructions, details and guides will be shared throughout Q4!
In the following roadmap, we will outline the major releases for 2022.
Q4 - Completed
  • Team building
  • Established roadmap for Q4 2022, Q1 to Q3 2023
  • Write whitepaper for Web3 Craft
  • Design the NFT collection
  • Setup Discord server and Twitter page
  • Growing Discord and Twitter
  • Collab with key projects
  • Influencers marketing campaign
  • Whitelisting completed
  • NFT Launch (whitelisting + public mint) on Solana
Phase 2 and 3 will be announced soon
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